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Tasmanian Tonic Company Mediterranean Tonic Syrup

Tasmanian Tonic Company Mediterranean Tonic Syrup

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These tonic waters syrups are designed to complement fine spirits. They’re very low in sugar with delicately balanced singular botanicals to complement without overwhelming. Fine spirits deserve a fine tonic.

Mediterranean Tonic is our lightest and most traditional citrus driven tonic. If the botanicals in your spirit are fine and delicate, this Mediterranean Tonic is for you. Try this with our McHenry Sloe Gin or McHenry Butterfly Gin.

For spirits with their own complexity of flavours, this syrup lowers the sugar whilst maintaining the quinine to enhance without overwhelming.


Mixed at a 1:10 ratio with soda water, this 300 mL bottle will provide 30 serves of tonic water, meaning it is always fresh and bubbly - and without so much packaging.

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