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McHenry Barrel Aged Gin

McHenry Barrel Aged Gin

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Handcrafted in Tasmania, the McHenry Barrel Aged Gin is a rare a unique treat for the senses.


This much-loved Barrel Aged Gin is inspired by the gins of old. Traditionally gin was stored in oak barrels, transported in barrels and often served from barrels. At McHenry Distillery, they have recreated an authentic pre-industrial age gin. This gin is aged in 24 hand-selected American Oak Russel’s Reserve 200 liter bourbon barrels.


Made in Australia’s oldest gin solera, the gin is carefully transferred half a barrel at a time through the 24 barrels making up the solera. After 12 months the end result is a gin that’s smooth and glorious to drink. When tasting the gin you’ll notice the delicate hints of oak, vanilla and whisky notes forward on the palate, but with the unmistakable resonance of gin.

This Gin is simply divine on its own, over ice or used it in a cocktail to make a modern style Old Fashioned. You will be delightfully surprised by this gin.


Recommendation: Best paired with Mediterranean Tonic Syrup and a slice of our Orange Slice or Lemon Slice as garnish.


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