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Hartshorn Vodka Peat Smoked 500ml 40% abv

Hartshorn Vodka Peat Smoked 500ml 40% abv

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First ever vodka in the world to be peat smoked. Using Tasmanian Peat from the North West Coast of Tasmania which has almost identical climate and weather conditions to that of Scotland’s west coast. This spirit captures all of the unique qualities of our sheep whey vodka and infuses them with the pervasive character of Tasmanian peat smoke. This results in a balanced sipping Vodka. The spirit is divisive; yet elegant.

Tasting Notes: The nose is smokey but it is not until you drink it and break the liquid surface that the smoke explodes to another level before finishing very smooth which is super difficult to achieve.

Recommendation: Pairs well with fresh oysters, salmon gravlax or your favourite cigar. Makes a mean Bloody Mary too. Or mix with our oaked vodka and you’ve got yourself a peated whisky kinda thing. Will also be an elegant, balanced and complex experience in a dirty martini. Versatile!

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