Tasmanian Truffle Oil Gift Box

Tasmanian Truffle Oil Gift Box

Only award-winning Tasmanian olive oil is infused with premium black truffles from the farm in Tasmania’s remote north. The result is an exquisite combination of flavours, revealing a unique aroma and taste that enhances nearly any dish.


Presented in a lovely box, this truffle oil is the perfect hostess gift that will earn one many brownie points and very likely a guaranteed invitation to the next dinner party



Serving suggestions:

Drizzle over scrambled eggs, toss through fresh pasta dishes, drizzle over a risotto, or stir through mashed potato.


Try pairing a fresh mushroom pasta dish finished with truffle oil, with a crisp cool climate Tasmanian Chardonnay, delicious! Try this with our Forager Risotto with Tasmanian Mushroom and Truffle!



To maximise flavour, use as a finishing oil rather than a cooking oil. Drizzle the desired amount on your dish and serve.

  • Ingredients and Info

    Ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive Oil (97.9%), Truffle (2%), Truffle Flavour


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