About Tasmania

Image by Kikki Starr

Transparent Background.pngWhy Tasmania? 

Tasmania is a small, mountainous island, located off the South-Eastern coast of Australia.

Sometimes abbreviated to "Tas", nicknamed "Tassie". It's a natural state, with over 42% of its land area designated as "protected" including World Heritage Sites and National Parks.

Tasmania is one of the few places in the world where GMOs are completely banned, meaning produce sourced from there is of the highest natural quality.

Tasmania's Produce

The cleanest air in the world is in Tasmania. 

The world’s cleanest water is also in Tasmania. 

Clean seawater and fresh, inland streams offer up some of the best fish and seafood one could hope for — oysters, rock lobster, mussels, abalone, deep-sea fish and mouth-watering freshwater trout.

Add that to deep, nutrient rich soil and you have the perfect recipe for abundant agriculture. 

Nearly a quarter of Tasmania's land is consumed by agriculture. Meat, seafood, vegetables, fruit and dairy products are made fresh every day and many farmers and fishermen go beyond organic. 

Essentially, the entire state is farm to table.