About McHenry

About McHenry Spirits

A family heritage

McHenry Distillery rests on the side of Mount Arthur on the Tasman Peninsula in Tasmania, Australia.

Mount Arthur stands sentinel over Port Arthur and this great southern port, with its deep harbour, opens southward onto the Great Southern Ocean. Port Arthur is a welcome sight to weary mariners, who having entered, can look back and imagine the South Pole due south of them, separated by 5,000km of mountainous salty brine.

There’s nothing quite like the cool purity of air found in this part of the world. It wraps around the globe on the latitude 43°, leaving South America without crossing another land mass, until it eventually finds its way to the southern tip of Tasmania some 17,000km later. In that time, the wave whipped ocean has stripped out all but the distant memory of man’s influence.

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Here, where the air is clear and clean.

Here where the first sunlight touches.

As it leaves the snowy tips of The Andes half way around the globe.

Nothing between but the bracing Southern Ocean.

And 10,000 kilometres of pure fresh air.

Here, on the side of Mount Arthur, looking out over, so the surfers say, the most punishing waves in the world.

Here, where pure winter rains fall long and hard.

Perfectly placed between crystal-clear mineral springs.

Our secret ingredient is collected.

Here, beside Cape Raoul, with its dolerite fingers raking the sky.

Here we pour a few fingers of our own; a dram, a splash, a toast.

To the wilderness. To the spirit on the hill. To the ghosts in the Port.

To family. To a fresh start. To a new heritage begun.

To here.

Where we built our distillery.

The most southern of its kind in the world, creating the most sought-after spirit in the land.

Slåinte. (health)

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