About Abalone

Image by Kikki Starr

About Our Abalone

Tasmanian Wild Caught Abalone

There is farmed abalone and then there is wild caught abalone. 95% consumed is farmed.

Wild abalone are hand dived and have more intense flavours. 

Available as fresh, frozen, steamed and dried.

Ours is the steamed version – ready to eat and ready to cook.  

Direct from Tasmania to you.

Tasmanian Wild Caught Abalone

Imagine opening the pack of abalone and getting a whiff of the ocean infiltrating your senses?

That is what happens when you unwrap our Tasmanian black-lipped abalone from its pack. Unlike commercially canned abalones that are preserved in brine and rumbled to achieve a uniformed cream colour, ours are untreated and each is packed in its own juices and sealed.

Presented in a flat retort packaging with a 2-year shelf life, Tasmania abalone imported by CURATAS not only taste better and have stronger flavours but is also lighter in weight and hence more cost-efficient and travel-friendly. It also gives full confidence to the well-informed customer on what exactly they are buying.


The topic of sustainability is very close to the Curatas team's heart.

Tasmania’s abalone industry supports and promotes a ‘clean green’ environment.. The harvesting of abalone  (hand selected by divers) is non-destructive to the environment and responsible fishing practices have created an ecologically sustainable fishery. 

The Tasmania abalone industry is chaired by an independent Chairman that convenes three or four times per annum and is made up of representatives from the Tasmanian Abalone Council, the Department of Marine Resources, Marine Police, Tasmanian Conservation Trust and the Institute of Marine and Antarctic Studies.