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A group of passionate foodies
Our Curators
Our 'Man on the Ground'

Andy is our fearless, fastidious travelling curator on the ground.

Permanently based in Tasmania, Andy travels around Australia seeking out only the finest gourmet products and bringing them from the source directly to you in Singapore and around the region.

With many years of travelling and tasting experience, he ensures that we are able to provide top-quality and unique products at the best prices.


In short, He Scouts. He Samples. He Sources.

If he doesn’t like it, we will not sell it.

Four friends came together and created CURATAS.

Meet Andy, Paul, Nick and Jacqueline. 

Curators with a keen eye for detail and a passion for all things gourmet. 

Together, they discovered their inner retail instincts and uncovered erstwhile untold skills of design and content creation. 

These four secret chefs are also social media and marketing gurus. They have ideals and believe in only serving up the best.

Sustainable, premium and unique.

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