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/ˈkjʊərɪt æz/




A combination of curate and the word, atas which means finer things in life in Singapore.  


curate + atas = curatas. Your gourmet grocer who curates the finer things for your life, so you don’t need to.

To top it off, our products are sourced mainly from TASmania and so the play on TAS in CuraTAS is entirely intentional.

Our Ethos

To be fastidious and unrelenting in our product sourcing. 


We believe in bringing exciting products that are single-sourced, ethically produced, and representative of their origins. 


We are committed to working only with producers who share our passion for sustainability. 


And where possible, to champion small community efforts as we value and believe in fair trade and a fair chance in life for all.


Plus, we always make sure that our customers can indulge in 'gourmet' with elevated flavours and quality from sources that are unique and distinctive - all from the comfort of their own homes. 


Ready to cook. 

Ready to consume.

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